Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cozy As A Cat

Right now I'm sitting here on the couch, as comfortable as I could be, looking out the big window in my living room, thinking, hey, what are people so worried about?

And then I'm realizing that it's pretty easy to answer this question; people are worried about subways going off the tracks, and the economy going like going... going... gone.

And then after that I'm thinking about things that worry me (and I'm a REAL worry wort!) And I'm thinking about moments where I'm just sitting on the couch writing a blog post and not much else. I'm thinking that it's snowing outside, which is great because it just adds to the coziness of this situation. I'm thinking about people that have spent the entire day worrying and are right now just settling down on the couch with their computer or a good book so all the worries can wash away.

And then I'm thinking about how much everybody needs times like this. To just relax and let their brain unwind. I'm thinking about them realizing that they don't need to worry about spelling any more. Realizing that their tiring work day is over, and laughing at all the things that you were just too wound up to focus on.

And I'm thinking about what they must be thinking about right now. I'm wondering what the parents of newborn babies are thinking right now. How happy they must be. How warm they must feel in their heart. How much they are loving that baby and thinking about how lucky they are.

Thinking about how lucky we all are.