about me?

Hi. I'm Francie. I live in a town in the middle of the woods called Jackson. The town next to Jackson is called Brooks, and it has a few small businesses and a school. A lovely, tiny, white school where I learned that 2+2=4.

Drive for 30 minutes and you find civilization. Small harbor towns, where people recognize each other and wave. Photographer heaven. Up a hill and make a left in a town called Camden (50 minutes from home) you find a small garage ballet studio, home of p2p dance, or Atlantic Ballet Company. This is where I dance. Well, sometimes I dance in the grass, or dance in the dark, but this is where I train.

Camden is picture perfect. Sounds of the ocean, an acre of downtown, and some of my best friends.

But that's not where I live. I live on Hadley Mill Road, where I delve into the world of music. I've played violin since I was three years old. Just months ago, I lost my teacher to cancer. Her name was Judy, and she was an angel. She taught me how to make music, and I thank her by continuing to play.

Now my teacher is a man named Anatole. He is Russian, and plays violin with his body and face as much as with his arms.

A few bumpy, dirt roads away, stands brand-new Mount View School (the state built us a new one.) I'm going into eighth grade there, and that is just scary. My best friend there is Elora, who has been by my side since- I can't even remember. On the second day of sixth grade, we met Eden, and we started out first adventure together.

Since then, Eden has moved to Rhode Island to live with her dad, but I still love her. I believe that one of the most important ways to love is the love you share with your friends.

So there it is. Not everything, but still perhaps too much.

I'm not sure why I write, does anybody? Probably. But I really just think it matters that I do write. And probably someday something will click, and I'll realize why I love i, but I sort of like the mystery!


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