Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nature Is

Nature is a great place to think about values. When you stare at the poetic depths of the sky and the grass, you see the generations of ponderers, right on that spot. When you sit and let the wind engulf you, and think about all the things that you got wrong... It's beautiful.

Nature is a great place to see beyond what your eyes give you. To make reasons for the things that happen in your life. Gives you time to stop and think about what people tell you about yourself. That tree you see, it doesn't have values, the grass you lay on does not, either. Nature as a being has values. Because nature is a being.

Nature is a great place to seek reasons. Why did I do this, what did that action give me? It's the right place to think for your mind, when it's too tired from thinking for everybody else. Nature is a place to only think about you, what this body you hold as yours, and these feelings that you hold as yours, really need.

Nature is this story-book place that you though you'd never find. When you find you place it's just like spinning out of control underwater, and seeing what has always been invisible to your eyes. Seeing beyond the lines of reality and mortality. Being immortal for the seconds that you sit, untouched, in Nature.

Nature is a great place to ponder values. Because as you let your brain go, all the things you missed come crashing down into place. Nature will always be there, as a being, as a place, as a mind, to think for you all the times that you're just sick of thinking.

Nature is a place to wonder why all the thoughts passing by, when you're in your little happy place of fulfillment and joy, think like you.