Saturday, July 27, 2013

What made him so bad?

"expect anything from anyone, the devil was once an angel"

What a thought. Sends shivers down your spine, right? Well, not mine, but I can imagine that some people may feel that way. Funny how sentences can just, get you thinking, isn't it? What happened to the anti-god? Why was he shunned aside, cast down like poison, flicked away like a beetle. I still believe that satan is just an idea, although many may believe he is real, but I still wonder; what made him so bad? What made people think of him when there was a murder or act of mad men.

What happened?

Was he abused as a child?

Was he gay?

Did he do drugs?

Drink alcohol?

Go to prison for stealing a loaf of bread?

When and where did he live? He can't have just been a phantom, drifting through time, although that's enough to drive anyone mad. Did he live in Rome? Athens? England? America? Perhaps he lived in a small island, all on his lonesome, waiting to be rescued. Was he in a shipwreck?

Or maybe he lived in the 21st century, and fell victim to cyber bullying. Maybe he was born with autism, and his parents didn't want him. Maybe his mother liked a younger sibling better than him.

Perhaps satan was who his was because of a prophecy or curse, or because he just chose to be so terrible. But I doubt it.

Maybe he was born and his mother smiled at him, and he had a cradle, and grinned a little baby grin, and had no idea what this world was going to throw at him.

Maybe he had dreams. Maybe he wanted to be president or prime minister, or have his own clothing and accessories line.

Maybe he looked up at the stars and never imagined from the height he would fall.