Monday, August 12, 2013

we're not permanent / the passing of time

Think back to the first thing yo thought was permanent. Think about why you thought it would never leave. Why didn't you realize that nothing lasts forever. It's not something that you're taught when you're small.


It probably has something to do with how high up and how bright the sun is, or about how fascinating the moon is when it shines so bright at night. How can something that far away ever be destroyed. If it faded, we wouldn't be able to wonder about it anymore. We wouldn't be able to ask how it got there, but instead about how it left us.

When we look us at the sky, blue, black, or a weird funky grey, it is hard to think that it would ever not be possible to look up and wonder if it's going to rain.

We're not permanent. Mankind will change, grow, and eventually fade. Paper becomes wrinkled and then decomposes as bones become powder. Hot becomes cold as ecstatic becomes depressed.

All in the passing of time.


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