Monday, January 28, 2013

Pondering Reasons

More then once people have pondered the reasons that we make ways of writing, singing, or preforming our feelings away. People have given others there thoughts in ways different from telling by voice since the beginning of time. The reasons we, as a race of people, do this, is still to be explained in words that all can understand, but each person has there own reason for wanting an outlet for there stories and lies, thoughts and feelings.

People also find ways of telling fact from fantasy by seeking out others peoples outlets. Watching a reading or listening to a song. A person will take a break from the reality of their own life, their own mind, by going to find out about others. They will be sent ideas from their brains, and think of it as a way of letting go. They will tell stories in their own way, weather by mouth, or pen and paper. They will type their ideas on their brain's typewriter, and change it until it fits the format. These musings will paint a picture of one's life, and one's own mind.

These notions kept forever and ever in this ever-changing world, will give the people of the future knowledge forever of the past's dealings with thought. It will give them a sense of exactly what has change. Weather these emotions are past down by word or by written document, they are remembered, because of mankind's need for their sensations to be remembered.

In the world that we've made for ourselves, we must remember that we must not forget the past, nor neglect the future. We must stay true to the beliefs that we, as humans, must share. But in this present that is continuously changing, we must stay the same for just long enough to remember it, to take note of who we are at every moment.

These outlets are not only ways for us to get away from ourselves, they are ways for us to save our memory on this earth forever. Ways to implant what we have right now in the memory of what we will become in the future. What will become of mankind.

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